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Post Bigg Boss 15 Eviction, Ieshaan Sehgaal says Vishal Kotian is not manipulative | EXCLUSIVE

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Ieshaan Sehgal

Bigg Boss 15’s much talked about duo Ieshaan Sehgaal and Miesha Iyer got evicted from the reality show over this weekend. Their cosy moments and proclamations of love became the grist for the mill. While fans loved their sizzling chemistry, many questioned how soon they fell in love with each other. Now, that they are out of the BB15 house, Ieshaan revealed they are planning to take their relationship forward and are happy with the response to their jodi #Mieshaan. In an exclusive chat with India TV, Ieshaan Sehagaal said he has no regrets about his journey in Bigg Boss 15. He also named which contestant according to him should be the winner. 

Read excerpts from the interview here-

You have been one of the most talked-about contestants this year in Bigg Boss, especially for your relationship with Miesha Iyer. What do you have to say about it?

I am in awe that people have been coming to me and telling me how much they loved #Mieshaan together and how much they appreciate their journey together. And I’m very happy to have met Miesha on the show. And I’m happy that I met somebody like her. In fact, we were talking the other day that how much our bond matters to each other and the love we share is fantastic. I’ve been really happy about everything, and especially the fact that I met Miesha and she met me.

There have been mixed reactions to your love story with Miesha. Some people believe that it was just for the show. So are we going to see you both taking this relationship forward?

100%. Definitely, we are going to be together. Nothing was for the show. If we would have been together for just the show, we would have made strategies and planned things. We did not even know each other before the show. We met and felt some sort of deep connection between us and it just happened. Those who liked it are coming to me in public and telling me how much they loved Miesha and me together. Those who did not like it, it is their choice. 

However, speaking for Miesha and Me, I would love to tell you that we will definitely be together and whatever we have between us is very real. And I genuinely feel for her and she feels for me. 

Do you feel that your relationship with Miesha is actually one of the reasons for your eviction?

Not at all. I think it’s all about your destiny. Even if we had not been with each other on the show, it was possible that we had been evicted earlier. I believe in destiny and follow that when your time is over for something, you have to move on. I am just so happy that I met Miesha on the show and I am so happy about my journey that I have no regrets at all.

If not you, who do you think should have been eliminated?

Simba. I think he is not giving his 100%. I have always seen him lazing around and littering. but people are still finding him cute and everything, which is good for him. And I hope that he maintains that, However, if we talk about contribution in the show, he is not giving much.

Who do you think is faking it and who’s real in the house?

I don’t think anybody’s faking in the house. It is an opportunity that we 14-15 people got to appear on Bigg Boss 15. So nobody is faking it. People think that everyone is faking to be onscreen but the atmosphere of the house is so stressful, physically and emotionally, that the contestants have to calculate their moves.

There are speculations that Vishal is a very manipulative player. But there is nothing like that. I share a very close bond with him and I think he’s not manipulative at all. He’s a very calculative player. And I definitely see him in the top five. He just knows what is right and what is not. So, he is a smart player.

Who do you think will be the winner of Bigg boss 15?

I want Tejasswi to be the winner. I have a brother and sister bond with her and I genuinely feel for her that she’s my sister. And I would love to see my sister as the winner of this show. She was very supportive of me and my mental health in the show. Now that I have come out of the house, I will do my best to support her.

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